Running on Emotion – Episode 12, Carl Froch

Running on Emotion

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Running on Emotion

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Those of us that love sport, live it and breathe it. We feel it. It reaches deep down into our body and soul, and elicits every emotion imaginable: from despair to elation, from vulnerability to anger. Whether we’re playing sport, coaching it, watching it, listening to it, or reading about it, our emotions drive our every response and relentlessly keep us coming back for more.

This is a podcast that explores twelve key emotions with some stellar sporting names, and uncovers just how those feelings affected their careers, both as a motivation, and as a limitation. It is a journey into the emotional psyche of some Britain’s most talented, most successful, most articulate sportsmen and women.


RUNNING ON EMOTION is an Auddy Production – researched, written, produced and hosted by Alastair Eykyn.


Special thanks to all of our guests on the show.

Host: Alastair Eykyn

Series Producer: Andrew Sampson

Sound Editor: Norman Goodman

Album Art: Nicole Stewart

Theme Music: Audio Networks

Running on Emotion – Episode Twelve, Carl Froch

Carl is a four time super middleweight world boxing champion, whose glittering 13 year professional career included 33 wins and just two defeats. As an all-action fighter, each time he stepped inside the ropes he had to channel his emotions and instincts into controlled, educated aggression. Growing up in Nottingham, Carl enjoyed an early introduction to boxing through his father, and to the wilder side of fighting in the pubs that his mother managed. Disputes with drunken, aggressive regulars often had to be settled in clinical, decisive fashion. Of all his opponents, none riled him so much as his greatest rival George Groves, with whom he had two epic fights, the last of which was held in front of 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium. Confronting his anger, and directing his thought process in more productive ways allowed Carl to triumph, and stand at the pinnacle of world boxing.

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