Running on Emotion – Episode 11, Amy Williams

Running on Emotion

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Running on Emotion

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Those of us that love sport, live it and breathe it. We feel it. It reaches deep down into our body and soul, and elicits every emotion imaginable: from despair to elation, from vulnerability to anger. Whether we’re playing sport, coaching it, watching it, listening to it, or reading about it, our emotions drive our every response and relentlessly keep us coming back for more.

This is a podcast that explores twelve key emotions with some stellar sporting names, and uncovers just how those feelings affected their careers, both as a motivation, and as a limitation. It is a journey into the emotional psyche of some Britain’s most talented, most successful, most articulate sportsmen and women.


RUNNING ON EMOTION is an Auddy Production – researched, written, produced and hosted by Alastair Eykyn.


Special thanks to all of our guests on the show.

Host: Alastair Eykyn

Series Producer: Andrew Sampson

Sound Editor: Norman Goodman

Album Art: Nicole Stewart

Theme Music: Audio Networks

Running on Emotion – Episode eleven, Amy Williams

Amy is celebrated as one of Britain’s most famous Winter Olympians. She literally shot to prominence in 2010 in Vancouver, where she won Gold in the women’s skeleton. It was Britain’s first gold medal in an individual event of the Winter Games for 30 years, and the first by a British woman for a staggering 58 years. In that event, she broke the track record twice and she finished more than half a second ahead of her rivals – a huge margin, in a sport where winners are generally separated by hundredths of a second. Few are better placed to describe the physical vulnerability of elite sport, as her job involved hurtling headfirst on a sled at breakneck, teeth-rattling speeds of up to 90 miles an hour, just inches off the ice. Amy’s career encapsulates the demands and stresses of high performance sport, which inevitably involve uncertainty, risk, sometimes harm, and both physical and emotional exposure.

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