Sound Heap – Episode 1

Sound Heap

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Sound Heap

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Sound Heap is the most eclectic podcast network in the known world. From comedy to interviews to investigations, back to interviews, on to advice, listener call ins, pranks, interviews again, deep-dives and even interviews – they do the lot.

A brand new comedy podcast from Auddy

Sound Heap – Episode 1


John-Luke Roberts, the CEO and Fun Captain of Sound Heap, Inc., welcomes you to the Sound Heap podcast – the podcast of podcasts. It will give you a taste of shows from across the Sound Heap network, which was set up in 2008, with a simple mission statement: “Make Too Many Podcasts,” and Lord knows we’ve been churning them out since then.

This week, you’ll hear clips from

Describing Pretzels To Peter, Who’s Never Seen A Pretzel
Liza Minelli Reads From Instruction Manuals
What Have I Dropped On My Foot?
Pranks With Full Consent
Memes with Val
Passwords of My Life
Chin Up! The Transformative Optimism Podcast
Elty Jom and his Lubberly Sonds
How To Put Out A Raging Fire (Mainly Guesses)
Britain’s Worst Bastards
Bernadette Peters Reads From Instruction Manuals

You can follow Sound Heap, Inc. on Twitter, for exclusive clips and news: @soundheapinc.

Written and presented by John-Luke Roberts, with Jonny Donohoe, Saima Ferdows, Alexis Dubus, Eleanor Morton, Sooz Kempner, Stuart Laws, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Joz Norris, Josie Long, Tom Allen, Toussaint Douglass, Katy Brand, Athena Kugblenu, Tom Neenan, Paddy Gervers, Kieran Hodgson and Thom Tuck.

The original music and stings are by Paddy Gervers and Rob Sell for Touch & Compass.

Mixed by Rich Evans at Synbox Post.

Produced and edited by Ed Morrish.

Sound Heap is a Lead Mojo production for Auddy.

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