Auddy Spotlight: Meera Kumar

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This month we’re introducing you to one of Auddy’s team members, Meera Kumar…

Meera Kumar Content Development Executive

Meera is Auddy’s Content Development Executive. She also works as a freelance producer/presenter. Meera won silver for The Rising Star Award in the 2022 BPAs and was shortlisted for Best New Producer in the 2021 APAs. Her work was included in Spotify’s Best Episodes of 2021 playlist. When she’s not producing shows like the Ambie award-nominated Cheat! for Sony as well as programmes for the BBC, Red Bull and other companies, Meera can be found judging awards like the BPAs and The Webby Awards.


Tell us a bit about your role at Auddy, Meera.

I’m Auddy’s Content Development Executive, which means I develop audio formats and ideas for both existing clients and new businesses.

Did you always know you would work in audio?

I did my MA in Mandarin and Economics so I planned on going into banking, but then the pandemic happened and my podcasting hobby turned into a career that I love.

How do you find working remotely at Auddy?

I love working remotely, so I’m very pleased that Auddy functions that way. I’m more productive, creative and I have a much healthier balance in my life. I’ve really enjoyed working with Auddy over the past year and can’t wait to build bigger and better things over the next year!

What has been your most memorable project so far?

I wish I could tell you but it hasn’t been released yet! I’ve got a big project in the works with Vespucci so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime, this is an episode that I’m very proud of.

People interested in starting out in podcasting – what’s the one piece of advice you have for them?

Don’t be precious about your idea or your tape. Everything can be improved.

Out of TV, writing and other methods of storytelling, what is it that makes audio such a powerful medium?

Audio allows you to speak directly into someone’s ears. It’s almost like you’re a voice in their head, which is a very powerful sensory experience. We’re very used to simultaneous visual and audio stimulation from the TV, so audio-only is a different experience for audiences. There’s so much that hasn’t been done in audio so this is only the start. I think we’ll see and be involved in some extremely creative projects over the coming year or two…

Podcast recommendation?

Today in Focus – who knew that current affairs could sound beautiful?


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