Auddy Spotlight: Liam Thompson

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This month, we’re introducing you to Auddy’s Creative Director, Liam Thompson.



Tell us a bit about your role at Auddy, Liam.

I’m the Creative Director for Auddy, so my role involves working with businesses and brands and production companies to develop new concepts for podcast series. In terms of businesses who are considering private podcasts, I help them devise interesting and practical formats for their podcasts so that they are both entertaining and useful for employees. We’re also developing some really exciting long-running series for Auddy, focusing on music and comedy.

Businesses and brands that are thinking of getting into podcasting, what is the one piece of advice you have for them? 

Before you jump in, get some good advice. Podcasting is a really easy sector to enter, but a very difficult sector to master. You need a clear strategic plan and a well developed concept that will captivate your audience. You also need to have outstanding audio, clever production and a clear understanding of who your target audience is.

Podcast recommendation?

I have three I’d like to mention…

Dragoncast – if you want to catch up on the brand new House of the Dragon, this is the way to do it, each week Jamie East and guests analyze the latest episode and explain who is who!

Auddy’s Smoke Screen, which is a fantastic and intriguing story of spies and dirty tricks in South Africa.

Smartless – with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes is one of those big podcasts which I keep going back to. The chemistry between the three hosts is always entertaining


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