Multilingual Podcasts Webinar

16th August  – 12:00 BST

Hosted by: Meera Kumar


Multilingual podcasts – learn to globalise your show

This webinar is all about multilingual podcasts. Find out how to translate your show, what markets you should consider expanding your podcast into, how to market your show in different countries, how tech is making podcasts more accessible, and a whole lot more.

Featuring Lory Martinez, the Founder and CEO of multilingual podcast company Studio Ochenta. Lory is joined by Oli Thomas, Auddy’s Head of Strategy and Business Development, and Sophie Paluch, Auddy’s Acquisition and Partner Manager. The trio talk about how to grow your podcast on an international level. Whether you’re a branded podcast looking to bring your show over to a different market, or a small podcast creator interested in translating your show, this is the webinar for you.

Hosted by Meera Kumar, Auddy’s Content Development Executive.

About the guests:

Lory Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Studio Ochenta, a multi-award-winning podcast production company based in Paris. Ochenta produces in over 20 languages for audiences across Europe, the MENA regions, Asia and the Americas, making it the world’s leader in multilingual podcasts. Lory knows exactly how podcasts must adapt to different cultures, languages and people as they enter new markets. Ochenta’s true crime podcast, Caper, is a member of the Auddy network and is available in English, Spanish, German and Italian.

Oli Thomas is Auddy’s Head of Strategy and Business Development. He is responsible for international expansion, M&A, partnerships, and strategic projects at Auddy. Recently, he spoke about the top trends in the podcast industry – one being how more shows are starting to build an international network.

Sophie Paluch is Auddy’s Acquisitions and Partner Manager. Before joining the Auddy team, Sophie worked at Podimo, the audio platform which focusses on local language content.


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