Make or Break – Episode 8

Make or Break

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Make or Break

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‘Life is the sum of all your choices’ Albert Camus

One single decision can make a business or bring it to its knees. Journalist Owen Bennett-Jones dives into the world of high stakes decision-making as he speaks to the business leaders who risked it all to win.

Make or Break – Episode 8

Episode 8: Mindful matters – Marc Champagne

When popularity doesn’t always equate to success.

In this episode of Make or Break, we’re joined by Marc Champagne, founder of mental health app Kyo, which at its height reached almost 90 million users.

A strong advocate for meditation and journaling, Champagne launched Kyo in 2016. It was an instant hit with users and became a regular feature on app-store homepages and ‘top 10s’ lists. But all was not as it seemed. Although popular with audiences, the coding was deeply flawed and Champagne just didn’t have the means for an overhaul. Was there a way through this or was it time to pull the plug?

This Podcast is brought to you by Radio Wolfgang for Auddy

It was presented by Owen Bennett Jones and it featured Marc Champagne

It was produced by John Jo Devlin and Eli Block and the Executive Producer was Ellie DiMartino

With support from The Open University –

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