Make or Break – Episode 4

Make or Break

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Make or Break

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‘Life is the sum of all your choices’ Albert Camus

One single decision can make a business or bring it to its knees. Journalist Owen Bennett-Jones dives into the world of high stakes decision-making as he speaks to the business leaders who risked it all to win.

Make or Break – Episode 4

Winning battles in the Cola Wars – Ramesh Vangal

What’s in a name? Well, when it came to breaking cola brands in India in the 80s, it turns
out, quite a lot.

In this episode of Make or Break, we hear from Ramesh Vangal, former president of Pepsi
Co India, who found himself against the clock to make one of the company’s biggest ever
branding decisions.

Having reached the final stages of negotiations to bring the Pepsi cola to India, Vangal found
himself put on the spot by the country’s food processing minister. Unable to get hold of his
senior colleagues, it was down to Vangal to make a decision that could potentially tank the
whole deal.

This Podcast is brought to you by Radio Wolfgang for Auddy

It was presented by Owen Bennett Jones and it featured Jan Christian Vestre

It was produced by John Jo Devlin and Eli Block and the Executive Producer was Ellie DiMartino

With support from The Open University –

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