Auddy Spotlight: Sophie Paluch

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This month we’re back with another Auddy Spotlight to share. Introducing our Acquisition and Partner Manager, Sophie Paluch.


Tell us a bit about your role at Auddy, Sophie.

My role at Auddy involves identifying podcasters/shows we would like to bring onto the Auddy network to help monetise and grow their podcast. We work with podcasters, big and small, from single shows to full networks offering them free hosting (because hosting isn’t cheap these days) and giving them the opportunity to access our amazing sales and marketing teams. We’re all about growth! We want to help each podcaster grow, whether that be in audience size, revenue, platform discoverability, and we’ve got an awesome team who can help you get there.

For any creators out there thinking about joining a podcast network, what’s so special about Auddy?

I think we are quite uniquely placed in the market to offer the level of support to podcasters of any size. It’s important to us that whether you are just starting out on your podcast journey or have 100,000 listeners every week you feel part of the Auddy network. We do this by making sure we shine a spotlight on your podcast through inclusion in our newsletters, social posts and giving you open access to our ad network, which means you can start monetising right away. So many podcasters we chat to just want to be able to make enough income to pay an editor, or have the time to make more episodes. We understand that and will try our best to work with you to help you reach your goals.

If you are a podcast creator who would like to find out more about Auddy, and what we can do for you, have a look at our creator hub here.

Podcast recommendation?

This is such a tough question! There are hundreds I could recommend, so I’ll go with the one I’m listening to at the moment which is the Learn Japanese Pod. I started learning Japanese in lockdown but then became very lazy with my revisions so I’m back on it now. I love that this podcast breaks it down into easy episodes and even has a PDF you can download to follow along. Despite being 7 years old, it’s the perfect example of a podcast that people will discover and listen to repeatedly making it truly evergreen.


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